I’m New Here

This is a long time coming.

I have a private family blog that I always want to write on, but so few view it that sometimes it hardly seems worthwhile to spend a half hour writing a post. Also, I had nowhere to point people to or link to when I wanted to share my thoughts or something in my life.

This is a blog for spiritual things- word studies, devotionals, quotes, passage studies, etc…  How we are nourished by heaven, by the Bread of Life Himself. So often I am reading the Word and I am struck by something and want to share it… only… I am at home with 2 kids. I think, “I should journal this”… but don’t, of course, because I put the pen in my hand, lay down and hold my journal open and fall asleep on the pages.

So, a blog.  I am attempting to publicly journal and am hoping that this implements some sort of consistency for me in recording and sharing things.

And nourished by earth? Nutrition, health, food, supplements, vitamins, meal planning, etc…  There are times when I study something in depth, say calcium absorption or saturated fats, or I make a very nourishing dinner for my family, or plan a months worth of meals and then shop for them all in a one-day shopping trip.  Someone asks me, “What do you do to prevent sickness?” or, “Are you a vegetarian?”… and then, “Why not?” when I answer in the negative. Now here is my one-stop place to share all things health, nutrition, Jesus, food and love from my table and my kitchen and my bookshelf and my heart to yours.

Be nourished.

3 comments on “I’m New Here

  1. Auntneice/NeeNee says:

    If you use brown rice, do you cook it first or put raw, hard rice in there? Oats sound good, though! Yum!

  2. Melissa Dyk says:

    This is great Heather! Keep up the great work 🙂

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