2011 Book List

I love to read. But I rarely finish anything (nevermind that I have 100 different things I could be doing in my “free time” (a.k.a. time when children are sleeping). Oh, the life of a mother…).  Therefore, I am trying to keep myself accountable by posting here, for everyone to see, my reading GOALS for the entire year. Most of these books aren’t books I’m dying to read, but rather books that have been on my shelf for many years and still left untouched. Someone gave them to me or some I may have purchased when I was really interested in something but since have forgotten about them, or ashamedly I say, some of them are books I was supposed to read in Bible College but didn’t. Some of them I am very anxious to read… those ones usually get read first. I will write a brief synopsis after I read them. Okay, time to get a blanket and some peppermint tea…

  1. To Train Up A Child + NGJ Volumes 1, 2, 3 Michael and Debi Pearl (RE-READING for the 50th time)
  2. The Pursuit of God A.W. Tozer
  3. The Power of the Blood of Christ Andrew Murray
  4. Discipline, the Glad Surrender Elisabeth Elliot
  5. Escape from Reason Francis Schaeffer
  6. Paths to Power A.W. Tozer
  7. Simple Faith Chuck Swindoll
  8. Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ John Piper
  9. How to Raise your Children for Christ Andrew Murray
  10. A Chance To Die Biography of Amy Carmichael by Elisabeth Elliot
  11. They Found the Secret V. Raymond Edmond
  12. A Life Embraced Gayle Haggard
  13. Knowing God J.I. Packer
  14. Herbal Antibiotics Stephen Harrod Buhner
  15. Never Be Sick Again Raymond Francis and Kester Cotton
  16. Fit for Life Harvey Diamond
  17. Shopping for Time Carolyn Mahaney
  18. A Well-Trained Mind Susan Bauer [has potential to be replaced in this years list by another homeschool book.]
  19. The Privilege Kay Smith
  20. Crazy Love Francis Chan
  21. Introduction to Biblical Interpretation William W. Klein
  22. Raising Godly Tomatoes L. Elizabeth Krueger

One comment on “2011 Book List

  1. sue hayden says:

    Thanks for this book list. I love to read too and have read some of the titles. Tozer is always good. Now I have more titles to choose from!!!

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