Hear my voice

“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.”

John 10:27

My son, like most 3 year olds in this age of modern technology, gets completely engrossed in his “show” whenever the TV is on. Recently, we have been calling his name to tell him something or to tell him to come to the dinner table or what not… but he is totally in the zone. So much so that if you said “ice cream” or “sugar” or “Disneyland”, I still don’t think he would look up. I realize that this is probably very common. However, do you want your child to be common? Moreover, it is not only undesirable and annoying but also dangerous. If he doesn’t learn to listen to me when I call him, what would happen if his life or his safety or the safety of someone else was in danger. If he doesn’t learn to hear my voice, above all else, I am not able to communicate with him when it may be very, very important.

So, we are training him. We will turn on the TV and allow him to become ridiculously engrossed. When he is, we will call his name. When he doesn’t listen, we will stop the show and tell him the importance of listening for our voices even above Mickey or Babar. (And in so doing, we can also teach him a step further– the importance of listening for God’s voice throughout his day, too. Think Samuel, the boy prophet.) Then we will do it again. Slowly, he is learning to hear us.

And so the same with us. God speaks. His Spirit indwells. Like with Elijah, he whispers in a still, small voice. If we don’t learn to listen to God’s voice above all else– above all the noise, the static, the excitement of life, our most favorite things, be they good or bad– our very lives could be in danger. Our spiritual lives.

It is very common to miss the voice of God. There are thousands and millions of Christians on the face of this earth today. And how many of them are commonly not listening to the One voice that should rise above all the rest? How many are listening to the world, the flesh, the devil?

How many are in danger, even danger of complacency and apathy? How many are in danger of disobedience?

God wants us, his learning and growing children, to know His voice in a crowd, when we are checking Facebook or watching a movie, in a catastrophe, in an argument, and even in the peaceful moments of life. If we can’t hear Him, if we aren’t listening, then we can’t be obedient. And if we can’t obey, then we may miss out on of a blessing longing to be bestowed. We may miss an urgent plea to run, to flee. We may miss a whisper to love, to be gentle. We may miss that voice that says, turn around, I have something for you over there. Or “go back, apologize, humble yourself.” We may miss the voice of a loving Father to his little child.

Let’s listen for His voice and let’s learn to hear.

2 comments on “Hear my voice

  1. sue hayden says:

    I defintely believe YOU have heard’s God voice in caring for your son. And because you have heard than your children will learn to hear too. I have to constantly stop, be still, and listen. Being human has so many distractions.

  2. Amanda Moran says:

    I needed to hear this today. Thank you for the great reminder.

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