Month of Meals: APRIL 2011

I thought I would streamline things a bit and make it easier on myself to pick and choose from the meals that I plan each month for my weekly menu. I decided to just make one big spreadsheet of all the meals and snacks for the month and just put it here once a month instead of the “Menu Plan Monday” thing.

Husband said I should make a blank spreadsheet for others to use if they are so inclined. Coming soon!

Until then, here is the last week of March and all of April. Just got back from our monthly shopping. Freezer, fridge, pantry full! Wallet, empty!

Month of Meals: APRIL

2 comments on “Month of Meals: APRIL 2011

  1. Jenn says:

    We were just starting to pull together our menu for April too! Would LOVE to get some of these recipes from you. Especially the eggnog smoothie! Yumm!!
    Jenn =)

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