FAT Is Your Friend!

Coming up, a three-part series on “FAT Is Your Friend… Why Fats Are Good For You”.

I have heard too often that we are to eat “healthy fats.” I agree, though my definition of healthy may be different than theirs. I have come across valuable information in the last few years of my personal nutritional studies and wanted to share with you the importance of knowing your fats! Some of you will not care an ounce about what fat is good and what fat is bad for our bodies… or some of you may be geeks like me!

In Part 1 we will discuss the different kinds of fats, why your body needs fats, what kinds of fats Americans consume the most of, and why saturated fats are not your enemy.

In Part 2 we will talk at length about cholesterol and heart disease.

In Part 3, we will go over why coconut oil, butter, eggs, liver (I know…), beef, and whole milk are excellent sources of healthy fats and nutrients and are DEFINITELY not your enemy… instead, they should be your best buddy!

So geeks… Stay tuned!

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