Monthly Meal Plan: June

3 weeks ago we found, through a hair analysis we had done, that my husband is highly allergic to eggs, turkey, and all fish.  Also found were parasites and toxic levels of Mercury in his blood. We have since commenced a homeopathic detox. During the detox, he cannot have corn, beans, peas, mushrooms, walnuts, peanuts, pistachios, or soy. He also has gout (which is hopefully being dealt with via the homeopathic detox), which rears its ugly head when his body is under stress, which it is during the detox. He had a 2-week long extremely painful bout of it. So for the remainder of the 3 month detox, we are also staying away from all high-purine foods that contribute to high levels of uric acid. This would include mostly just red meat as he already cannot have beans, doesn’t really care for cruciferous vegetables anyway, and doesn’t drink beer or wine.  With all of those dietary restrictions, HOW do you plan a month’s worth of meals??? Well, look at my Monthly Meal Plan for June and you’ll see that they are almost ALL new recipes (noted with an asterisk). This will be interesting month for us and I will be putting a slew of new recipes up on the blog, I’m sure. If you have any sort of similar dietary restrictions, maybe these recipes can benefit you in some way. If not, realize that you are extremely blessed and pray for us!!!

Monthly Meal Plan: JUNE

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