Book Review: Crazy Love

This book was pretty great. I don’t really know if it needs a review, since I’m pretty sure most have read it, so I’ll just write a little blip on it.

I started the first few chapters with “yeah, yeah, this is good, but not earth-shaking.” Then I got a few chapters in where he starts talking about what a person that is Obsessed with Jesus looks like. I was convicted, encouraged, and inspired to give more of my life for Jesus, be open to doing whatever he would ask, that my life my be characterized by obsession with the Savior.

What I think is a little strange, though, is how many I know have read the book and rave about it but their lives don’t even come close to living up to what he (and the Bible) calls for. This could be said of myself, as well. Francis Chan is an intense guy, I’m sure just in personality, but also in his devotion and love for Jesus and his willingness to forsake ALL to love Him and be more and more obedient and more and more like Him. So when I see others who think Francis Chan is so great, but then they themselves live such in such mediocrity, I wonder what Chan would say to their face if he looked at their life. I think I know what he would say… he would say: “Don’t just read Crazy Love, do what it says! (as it points to Jesus)” Or better yet: “Don’t read the Bible, do what it says!”

And so that is my book review/exhortation to you. Read this book. But PLEASE don’t JUST read it. Use it as an example of how to live passionate, selfless, sacrificial, and obsessed lives for Jesus.

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