Book Review: The Explicit Gospel

Let me start by saying that it is my opinion that every Christian should read this book. I know I may have a whole load of books that I could say that about, but truly this one should be read. Even Rick Warren says that. If Rick Warren’s book recommendation/review doesn’t mean anything to you, you should check out the lonnnnnnnng list of revered and respected pastors, teachers, and influential Christians that recommend this book. It is not long, it is not difficult, but it is so important.

Matt Chandler, Pastor at The Village Church in Texas, writes this book to separate the assumed Gospel from the explicit Gospel. I know all Christians think they have heard the Gospel and know it well. But maybe not. I know a lot of Christians personally who do not know it well and who may have never heard the explicit Gospel in their lives. This does not mean that people who love and trust Jesus are not saved. It just means, their understanding of their own salvation and their own God that they serve is clouded, incomplete, and sometimes unbiblical and errant.

Please, please read this book. Pass it around and let all your friends read it. Whether they grew up in Sunday School or not. Whether they are teaching Sunday School or not. There can be a whole lot of abuse, misunderstanding and misapplication of the Gospel, but there can never be too much Gospel proclamation, understanding and fluency.

Rating: A (++++++)
Highly Recommended!

Title: The Explicit Gospel
Author: Matt Chandler with Jared Wilson
Length: 240 pages
Genre: Spiritual Life


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