2011 Dirty Dozen

Environmental Working Group has put out their 2011 List of the 12 top fruits and veggies with the highest pesticide load. If you can only buy some things organic, you will want to choose these.

MAKE SURE you buy these organic:

1. Apples
2. Celery
3. Strawberries
4. Peaches
5. Spinach
6. Nectarines (imported)
7. Grapes (imported)
8. Sweet Bell Peppers
9. Potatoes
10. Blueberries (domestic)
11. Lettuce
12. Kale/Collard Greens

These are the cleanest and lowest in pesticide load. If you have to buy some conventional produce, choose these:

1. Onions
2. Sweet Corn
3. Pineapple
4. Avocado
5. Asparagus
6. Sweet Peas
7. Mangos
8. Eggplant
9. Cantaloupe (domestic)
10. Kiwi
11. Cabbage
12. Watermelon
13. Sweet Potatoes
14. Grapefruit
15. Mushrooms

There are two changes from the 2010 List. Added is lettuce, and moved down further on the list (no. 16) is cherries. Here is the full list (53 fruits and veggies analyzed for pesticide load.)

And HERE is a handy printable list for the grocery store. No memorizing needed.