New Blog Schedule

If you didn’t notice I went a long period of time without posting anything. At all. This was due to the craziness of life. But I think I could have made it happen if there was a schedule to keep. I am a schedule-oriented person. Why would the blog be any different???

Here’s my [tentative] plan, subject to change… and subject to name changes in exchange for more creativity and less-cheesiness:

Monday: Menu Plan Monday
Each week I post my “Real Food” Weekly Menu- breakfasts, snacks, lunches and dinners.

Tuesday: Tuesday Tip
Small tidbits of information about various things around the kitchen and in the refrigerator/pantry 

Wednesday: Weekly Dish
A recipe success to share!

Thursday: Book Review
I have a book list I’m working on finishing by year end. There won’t be a book review every week, but there will be enough to constitute it having it’s own day. 

Friday:  Fruit From The Vine (Devotional/Word Study)
A product of my time spent with The Savior.  

Saturday: Health Topic/ Article / A Closer Look
Delving deeper into myriads of foods and topics of concern for our health.