Real Food Reading

Still doing any Christmas shopping? Consider any of these excellent Real Food books for anyone on your list interested in nutrition and health.

Books I recommend with 5-plus stars: 

Nourishing Traditions
My #1 Real Food recommended book.  A cookbook and a textbook in one. The textbook part is invaluable.

Maker’s Diet 
Very helpful, from a Christian’s perspective. As prescribed in the Bible, God gave us meat, dairy, etc… to feed and nourish our bodies. I don’t necessarily agree with avoiding pork, as the New Testament sort of takes that law off the table. But helpful, nonetheless.

Enzyme Nutrition
Americans eat a diet with the Macro-Nutrient profile of that of McDonald’s. This books seeks to remedy that situation with education on enzymes.

Cure Tooth Decay
Seriously, it is possible to heal up cavities. I haven’t experienced it myself.. yet… but I am convinced by the research and evidence that it truly is possible. This book, as many others in the natural healing category go, have premises and world views that are contrary to Scripture. Chew the meat, spit out the bones.

Gut and Psychology Syndrome

I am just beginning this book but I have read through the entire GAPS wesbite and have been persuaded and convinced by the science and common sense that this is what is wrong with the bodies of so many- even many close to me. Campbell-McBride has degrees in both neurology and nutrition, and through years of seeing patients with autism and other brain abnormalities and dysfunctions, has made the connection between gut (intestines, where 80% of your immune system is held) and the mind (and other parts of your body that can dysfunction). We are starting the GAPS diet sometime in the new year to see if we can heal our own intestines from the years of SAD (Standard American Diet) damage!

 Real Food for Mother and Baby
This is an excellent reference book for anyone who is unsure of what to feed a youngster or a woman during pregnancy.

Nina Planck also has written a book before this one that is worth reading called, “Real Food: What to Eat and Why” that is a fantastic jumping off point for someone interested in Real nutrition.

 Eat Fat, Lose Fat

This book gives a overview of why we get fat, what foods contribute and why everyone who recommends low-fat diets to shed the pounds is dead wrong! This is a great book and one I reference so often.

The following books are on my “To Read” list so I have to give that disclaimer. However, they are real food reading and I have high expectations for all of them: 

The Vegetarian Myth
The Whole Soy Story
Nutrition and Physical Degeneration
Coconut Oil Miracle
Could it Be B12?
Patient Heal Thyself