Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday is now brought to you on Wednesday. Not permanantly (hopefully) but this week, anyway!
Monday – {open night}
Tuesday – Marinated Pork Chops
Wednesday – Caesar Chicken Salad
Thursday – Asian Chicken Wings* with Gingered Carrots and Mixed Greens with Asian Dressing
Friday – Breakfast for Dinner: Almond Flour Banana & Dark Chocolate Pancakes, Egg & Veggie Frittata
Saturday – Chicken Stuffed with Cheese, Garlic and Onion, Grilled Cauliflower
Sunday – Shredded Beef w/ Carrot Chips* and Side Salad

Menu Plan Monday

Last week’s grain free dinners were all a superb HIT! Here we go again… This isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. However… we haven’t taken out dairy fully yet. We’ve turned it down, but haven’t shut off the tap. After we have used up all the dairy in our fridge, we are going on the FULL GAPS diet. Up until now it has been really just no grain, no sugar, no starch, add probiotics. My next goal is to FERMENT! We already do some fermented stuff, but not too many homemade things. I will be doing yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, beet kvass and maybe more. My house may smell like a brewery 🙂

So here is April, week 2:

Menu for April 16-22

Menu Plan Monday

Okay, we’re doing it… at least we’re going to try to do it. The GAPS diet, that is. We’re taking the no-grain and no-sugar (and no-starch and no-fun) plunge!!! (We’re kind of easing our way into it by starting out sort of Paleo and just not eating grains at this point). Attempt #717 at healing my husbands gout without drugs, here we go. This could be a 2-year commitment and I’m not promising we’re staying committed, because if something else came along at any time that convinced me through it’s gout-healing promises, I may bite the bait.

But here is my grain-free diet plan for this week, anyway!

Menu for April 9-15