I Didn’t Do It

I didn’t read every book on my 2011 Book List. Fail! But I did learn a few lessons:

1. Don’t put books on the Book List that you aren’t interested in reading but just want to check off your list.
2. Do make somewhat of a schedule for reading so that in December, you aren’t left with 11 books to read.

With that being said, I have read some very good books. I did book reviews on some. It is my 2012 goal to read many more books (that I am very interested in) and to write book reviews on all of them. I will probably fail at that too, but maybe not. I am learning how to better manage my time.

Here is my 2011 Book List with the reviews that I did write, in case you are interested in putting any of these on your list for next year. (The books that aren’t crossed off are the ones that I am still working on and hope to have done by the New Year… I’m halfway through the last four… I can do it!)