Book Review: Humility

Out of all of the books on spiritual qualities I have ever read (discipline, devotion, etc…), I felt that this one gave me the clearest picture of the heart of God as I have ever seen. I was more aware than ever of my pride, yet more encouraged than ever to look to Jesus, Humility embodied.

I especially appreciated the chapters in Part 3 of the book: The Practice of Humility. How to be practically humble. For example, how to wake up and submit yourself immediately to overcoming pride, how to go about your day in humility, how to go to bed humble, look for graces in others instead of criticisms and faults, how to encourage one another.

Convicting was the chapter on responding humbly to trials. The need to be God-centered, not man-centered, self-centered, pleasure-centered, convenience centered or ease centered, is great. To look on God and Him alone in the midst of trials, produces immediate humility. Pride cannot dwell where God dwells.

The overall theme of the book, really, is expressing your need and dependence upon God. Acknowledging His greatness, and our non-greatness. Acknowledging that we are great sinners but he is a greater Savior. There is no possible way for humility to fly out the window and pride to creep in when we are submitted to, focused on and fixed on our Great God.

I really appreciate C.J. Mahaney’s heart, his God-given gift for writing and preaching, and his love for God and for God’s people. It is shown very clearly through his writing in this book.

Verdict: It is a small book, 163 half-pages of text, and highly recommended for your library. I will re-read it every year.