How to Hide His Word in Our Hearts

I read this post by John Piper today on about the importance of memorizing Scripture. At the end of the article, he attached a booklet entitled, “An Approach to Extended Memorization of Scripture.” Sounds fun, right? Well, it should because this is the single-most complete, valuable and useful resource for memorizing God’s Word that I have ever seen*!  Piper’s Twitter update said: “I wish I could persuade everyone to do this.”

Me, too.  I personally see great value and love to memorize God’s Word. To preface this, I don’t say this with any pride or exultation of myself. That being said, in the past I have memorized several books of the Bible. I say “in the past” because I haven’t done it in a while… and… today I couldn’t recite an entire book or even an entire chapter for you. I have an easy time with memorization and will go on a streak where my husband will come home and I’ll say “I memorized the rest of Ephesians today!” But then… I don’t KEEP reciting it and working on it in the months to come and so, just as with anything else, what you don’t use, you lose.

That is the reason this article is like a Godsend to me, literally. Thanks be to God for the Holy Spirit inspiration to write such a booklet. I am reading it and thinking, “I have found gold!” Really, this is how I feel. I so long to hide God’s Word in my heart and to “not let this Book of the Law depart from my mouth” but I just continue to fail at perseverance, I suppose.

I am excited to put these methods into practice… immediately!

Will you join me???

*(Another good one I have seen (though not for memorizing whole books of the Bible, but rather single verses) is the Memory Box System).