Book Review: Treasuring God in Our Traditions

Treasuring God in Our Traditions by Noël Piper is a short, concise, and straight to the point book, just begging to be read by you if you desire to create God and Gospel-centered traditions in your home. Sprinkled with real-life stories from the Piper home, I got a taste of what it looks like to have Jesus be the center of literally every movement in a house.

She says a few different times in the book, “I have always wanted my children to know as much about God as they were able to grasp at whatever age they were. And I have wanted my life and our family to be a picture of God to others– that we be the body of Christ who presents an image of Christ to the people around us.” This is the framework for the book and the foundation for all family traditions.

The Christmas and Easter chapters are broken up into short little segments that are packed with ideas and helps for centering your Traditions on the only One for whom traditions truly matter.

Admittedly this book will be mostly for women, as many of the ideas in this book are practical things to be planned and executed and many if not most of the ideas revolve around younger children. That is typically the role women take in the home, though I know I am stereotyping here.

Maybe my most favorite and inspiring part of the book, and where the most underlining happened, is in the Appendix at the back of the book. Collaboratively written by both John and Noël, it is a section on why your kids should sit with you in church instead of attending Sunday School and also how to practically make it happen. I love this, as the why of it echoes my husband and my heart on the matter. And it is always so helpful to have the hows; to have help from someone who has been there and seems to have done it well.

Read this book if you desire your Easter and your Christmas to be filled with more of Jesus. Or if you desire your ‘especially’ days and your ‘everydays’ to point straighter and clearer to our True Heirloom.

*You can download and read the PDF version for free here.